Titanium alloy powder


The sintering of titanium alloy powder is usually a solid phase diffusion method. When the titanium alloy was prepared by the mixed element method, it was found that the alloying elements in the titanium alloy showed a transient liquid phase during sintering or provided a diffusion channel to promote the densification process, also called strengthening sintering.Titanium alloy powder

Titanium and its alloys have high specific strength, good heat resistance at medium temperature, corrosion resistance and abundant resources. Therefore, they are widely used in aviation, chemical, metallurgy, medical, marine engineering and other fields. Titanium and its alloys have become the main engines of aircraft engines. Metal structure materials.

Titanium alloy powder is a smelting qualified titanium alloy liquid metal by atomization, rotating electrode or vacuum decompression atomization into powder, hot extruded into a rod, hot isostatic pressing into a titanium alloy turbine disk, aircraft keel joint, seawater desalination device Made of materials.