Oleic Acid Coated Superfine Anti Corrosive Titanium Nanopowder

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Oleic acid coating superfine anti-corrosion titanium nano powder


particle size





oleic acid coating


high activity


Application of titanium nanopowder:

1. Titanium nano powder, high purity, uniform particle size, high surface activity, can be fully coated with coatings, resin, can increase the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of other coatings, and secondly, the hardness and wear resistance of the coating Improve, with the magical ability to repair itself, can be used as a metal, non-metallic material commonly used putty.

2. Nano titanium powder coating has better protection than micron titanium powder coating. Since the formed titanium nanopowder is chemically bonded in the coating, the coating is reduced, and the amount of the carrier is increased due to the presence of the metal titanium, so the resistance change of the micron-sized coating of the titanium powder coating varies with resistance, and the coating resistance is further The change cannot be explained by a change in the dielectric constant.

3. After the modified titanium nanopowder is added, the strength of the epoxy-based and modified nano-titanium powder coating is obviously improved, and the rigidity and plasticity are better than the epoxy varnish coating, which improves the high-modification of the traditional epoxy varnish brittleness problem. The ratio of nano titanium powder is 1%, 5%, 10% epoxy coating. Corrosion resistance and mechanical properties of coatings are added by corrosion, adhesion and tensile tests. optimal.