High Conductive Single Layer Graphene

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Product:High Conductive Single Layer Graphene

Structure: Single layer( two layer or multi layer is ok)

Thickness: 0.6-1.2nm, 1.5-3.0nm

Length: 0.8-2um, 5-10um

Purity: >99%

Single layer graphene powders have excellent electrical, optical, mechanical and thermal properties.

Performance: Flexible, foldable and wearable electronic devices have increasingly become the future development trend of electronic technology.Because of its excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and high strength and toughness, combined with its transparent light transmissive characteristics, makingsingle layer graphene powder an ideal material for the production of flexible electronic devices.

Single layer graphene powder has shown excellent electrical, optical, mechanical and thermal properties. application of conductive Single Layer graphene nanopowder:

1. Military equipment materials

2. High efficiency light sensor, infrared night vision and infrared thermal imager and other optical detection equipment.

3. Capacitors, transistors, integrated circuits and so on.