what is Tungsten powder

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Tungsten powder-like metallic tungsten is a metallic luster gray-black metal (body-centered cubic crystallization). It is the raw material for preparing tungsten processing materials, tungsten alloys and tungsten products.Tungsten powder is used as a raw material for the preparation of tungsten processing materials, tungsten alloys and tungsten products.

Tungsten is mostly used in the production of cemented carbides and ferrotungsten. Tungsten and chromium, molybdenum and cobalt are heat-resistant and wear-resistant alloys for cutting tools, metal surface hardening materials, gas turbine blades and combustion tubes. Tungsten and tantalum, niobium, molybdenum and other refractory alloys. Tungsten-copper and tungsten-silver alloys are used as electrical contact materials. High density W-Ni-Cu alloy is used as radiation shield. Wires, rods and sheets of tungsten metal are used to make parts of electric bulbs, tubes and electrodes for arc welding. Tungsten powder can be sintered into filters with various porosity. FW-1 is used as raw material for large slab and tungsten-rhenium couple. FW-2 is used as contact alloy and high specific gravity shielding material. FWP-1 is used for plasma spraying materials.

Tungsten powder is the main raw material for processing powder metallurgy tungsten products and tungsten alloys. Pure tungsten powder can be made into wire, rod, tube, plate and other processing materials and certain shape products. Tungsten powder mixed with other metal powders can be made into various tungsten alloys, such as tungsten-molybdenum alloy, tungsten-rhenium alloy, tungsten-copper alloy and high density tungsten alloy. Another important application of tungsten powder is to make tungsten carbide powder, and then to prepare cemented carbide tools, such as turning tools, milling cutters, drills and dies.