Pure Ruthenium ingot

Submitted by admin on Mon, 10/14/2019 - 02:26

Product Description:
Ruthenium , molecular formula: Ru, density 10-12g/cc, bright silver appearance, is pure Ruthenium products in compact and metallic state.It often formed into metal cylinder and also may be a square block.

Ruthenium is the first of the platinum group metals.

Application:Ruthenium pellet is often used as element additives for the manufacture of Ni-base superalloy in aviation and industrial gas turbine. Research has shown that, in the fourth generation of nickel base single crystal superalloys, the introduction of the new alloy elements Ru, which can improve the nickel-base superalloy liquidus temperature and increase the alloy's high temperature creep properties and structural stability, resulting in the special "Ru effect" to improve overall performance and efficiency of the engine.

Size:Diameter 15~25mm, Height 10~25mm.Special size is available upon customers' requirements. 

Package:Sealed and filled with inert gas in plastic bags or plastic bottles inside steel drums.