Pure rhodium wire

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Product Description:
Rhodium is precious metals.Precious metals are materials that are scarce in the environment, have low chemical reactivity, and high value. This group includes gold, silver, and platinum group metals (Pt, Ir, Os, Pd, Rh, Ru).

Rhodium wire  is a good high temperature thermocouple material

The rhodium wire has a resistivity of 4.67×10-2 Ω·mm 2 /m, a tensile strength of 726 MPa, and an elongation of 46%. The smelting is carried out by high-frequency furnace argon gas, remelted 2 to 3 times, bottom injection, hot working - cold working into 0.02 mm filament. It is a good high temperature thermocouple material. The Rh-PtRh20 thermocouple has high temperature stability and does not require strict cold junction compensation. The temperature is 1800 °C.

The combination of good electrical properties with low reactivity makes precious metals excellent choices for demanding applications such as semiconductor bonding, accurate temperature measurement at elevated temperatures, and stability in harsh environments. Precious metals can be found in aerospace instruments, Cochlear Implants, catheters, pacemakers, and monitoring equipment. Platinum wire is sometimes specified for high temperature semiconductors. Many catheters contain platinum marker bands and guide wires, which are used to help surgeons, guide the device to the treatment site, and are easily seen on Xrays and Fluoroscopes.

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