platinum powder

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The platinum powder with micron size is spherical and polygonal. Shaking density 1.0 ~ 4.0g/cm3. Average particle size 1.1 ~ 1.7 m. The specific surface area is 5 ~ 15m2/g. Chloroplatinic acid solution was obtained by dissolving sponge platinum in aqua regia, adjusting acidity, adding dispersant, heating and stirring, adding reductant (hydrazine hydrate, etc.), static cooling, washing and drying. 0.5 m ultrafine platinum powder. Used for making conductor paste of single or multi-layer mixed integrated circuit, with high reliability and high resolution.Platinum powder is mainly used as the conductive component of thick film size in the electronic industry.

Platinum powder is soft and has good ductility. No corrosion at room temperature, no corrosion by general acid and alkali. It is soluble in royal water and molten alkali, but also in mixture of hydrochloric acid, hydrogen peroxide, hydrochloric acid and perchloric acid. Powdered platinum absorbs hydrogen, oxygen and carbon monoxide.

Platinum powder is mainly used as the conductive component of thick film size in the electronic industry.

After heat treatment, the platinum powder was recrystallized, and the platinum powder presented spherical shape, with reduced void, significantly improved compactness and excellent sintering performance at high temperature. Use the platinum powder sintering under 1200 ~ 1600 ℃ was the density of the structure of the platinum electrode, low shrinkage rate, platinum coverage for 100 ~ 200 g/cm2, the platinum electrode can be used in the 900 ℃ high temperature, low resistance, there will be no electrode fever caused by high value burn out the phenomenon of electrode wire, electrode good electrical conductivity, high sensitivity performance, electrical signal transmission ability is strong; There is a high bonding force between the electrode and the substrate, and the service life of the electrode can reach 10000h.