Nickel powder

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Nickel powder is also divided into carbonyl nickel powder, uniform color, no caking and reunion, no visible inclusions. It is mainly used for coatings and plastics as conductive pigments to shield electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference, for various high gloss decorative paints and plastics, instead of aluminium powder as anticorrosive paint in water system, etc. Fine spherical nickel powder can be used for conductive ink.Nickel powder

Introduction of Nickel Powder for Diamond Tools (Metal Matrix Alloy Powder): Metal binder is one of the key factors determining the quality of diamond saw blades, tool heads, grinding wheels, thin-wall drills and other products. After the determination of diamond, the quality of metal binder becomes the decisive factor. Cobalt powder and nickel powder can be used as the main binder, but the price of cobalt powder is higher.

In diamond tools, matrix means wrapping and sintering diamond. The function of matrix is to hold diamond and make it cut without falling off prematurely. The matrix is generally composed of many metal elements, mainly using low melting point metal powder as binder, such as nickel powder.

The matrix bonding materials of diamond thin-wall drills, cutting pieces, petroleum and natural gas drills and cemented carbide drills in construction industry mostly use nickel powder; the tools used in metal material processing, automobile and motorcycle mechanical grinding mostly use diamond abrasive tools, and the matrix materials mostly use nickel powder. It includes carbonyl nickel powder, electrolytic nickel powder and reduced nickel powder.