Metal cobalt powder

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Metal cobalt powder: The appearance is gray, and the particle shape is spherical or irregular, which depends on the smelting process. It is mainly used in powder metallurgy, thermal spraying and so on.

The binder of cobalt powder in metallurgy can ensure that the cemented carbide has certain toughness. Magnetic alloys are indispensable materials in modern electronics and electromechanical industries. They are used to manufacture various components of acoustic, optical, electrical and magnetic equipment. Cobalt is also an important component of permanent magnetic alloys. In the chemical industry, cobalt is used not only in high alloy and anticorrosive alloy, but also in colored glass, pigments, enamel, catalysts and desiccants.Metal cobalt powder

Cobalt has very important applications in cemented carbide, catalysts, electronic devices, special tools, magnetic materials, batteries, hydrogen storage alloy electrodes and special coatings. With the rapid development of industry and science and technology, the demand for cobalt powder is increasing day by day, and its quality requirements are more stringent.

One of the methods of making cobalt powder is water atomization, which is a method of making metal powder by using high pressure water flow with pressure ranging from 5 MP to 50 MP to smash the melting metal flow. As water atomization can disperse liquid metal atoms into powder only by overcoming the bonding force between them, it is a simple and economical method for the production of metal powder. The purity of cobalt powder is high because the cobalt sheet with very low impurity content is used as raw material and the water used as atomizing medium is also purified. The production process is roughly as follows: the cobalt plate is melted in the medium frequency induction smelting furnace for a short time, and the high pressure water atomization pulverizing device is started when the cobalt plate is stationary. Then the cobalt liquid is poured into the leaky bag, and a leaky nozzle is installed at the bottom of the leaky bag to control the size of the liquid metal flow. The liquid cobalt enters the atomizing device after leaking nozzle and melting through the sealing sheet. Under the impact of high-pressure water flow from the annular hole (the velocity is 70-100m/s), it is smashed into tiny droplets and condensed rapidly, forming a mixture of water and powder falling down. Under the action of the ejector and suction device, it enters the hydrocyclone and forms a swirling flow of about 2000 r/min. Under the action of centrifugal force, the solid and liquid are separated. The cobalt powder is concentrated and discharged through the outlet, and the water is flowed back to the storage tank through the overflow pipe. The collected wet powders are dehydrated, dried and screened to be finished cobalt powders.