Main uses of Nano-Bismuth oxide

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Main uses of Nano-Bismuth oxide:

1. Among them, the electronic industry is the most widely used industry of bismuth oxide, mainly used in varistors, thermistors, zinc oxide arresters and picture tubes. Bismuth oxide is mainly used in electronic ceramic powder materials, electrolyte materials, photoelectric materials, high temperature superconducting materials, catalysts and so on. The field of electronic ceramics powder materials and electronic ceramics is a mature and dynamic field of bismuth oxide application. Bismuth oxide, as an important additive in electronic ceramic powder materials, is generally required to be more than 99.5% purity. The main applications are zinc oxide varistors, ceramic capacitors and ferrite magnetic materials.Nano-Bismuth oxide

2. Bismuth oxide-based glass, as a photoelectric material, has very good optical properties, such as high refractive index, infrared transmission and non-linear optics, so it has great attraction in the application of materials such as optoelectronic devices and optical fiber transmission. Bismuth oxide content in Bismuth-based superconducting material powder is close to 30%, and its purity is 4N.

3. The application of bismuth oxide in catalysts mainly includes three types: molybdenum bismuth catalyst, which is a kind of good and economical catalytic material for oxidation reaction. It can be used in industrial applications as catalysts for the oxidation of propylene to acrolein, the preparation of acrylic wax from propylene, the oxidative dehydrogenation of butene to butadiene, and the oxidation of butadiene to furan. Bismuth oxide doped with yttrium oxide is a very attractive catalyst. Three kinds of catalysts are burning rate catalysts. Bismuth oxide is gradually replacing lead oxide as an important catalyst in solid propellants. Because lead oxide is toxic, it has direct or indirect harm to workers and the environment.

4. Other uses include as absorbent material of nuclear waste, shadow mask coating of picture tube, non-toxic fireworks, etc.

In a word, Nano-Bismuth oxide is used as analytical reagent. Bismuth salt was used to prepare the product. The bismuth oxide can be widely used in inorganic synthesis, electronic ceramics, chemical reagents and other fields. It is mainly used to manufacture ceramic dielectric capacitors, piezoelectric ceramics, varistors and other electronic ceramic components. Mainly used in chemical industry (such as chemical reagent, bismuth salt manufacturing), glass industry (mainly used for coloring), electronic industry (electronic ceramics, etc.) and other industries .