Hot Sale Conductive Titanium Nitride Nano-Powder TiN Nanoparticles

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Hot Sale Conductive Titanium Nitride Nano-powder TiN Nanoparticles

Specification of titanium nitride TiN powders:

particle size

30-50nm, 100-200nm,1-3um







Application of titanium nitride :

1. Application of nano titanium nitride in high barrier of beer bottles and plastic packaging materials:The product maintains a clear, transparent appearance on the PET bottle, allowing the beer or beverage to remain fresh throughout its shelf life.

2. High heat absorption on solar vacuum tubes:Experiments have shown that the product is added in the coating or plastic film, the addition ratio is only one thousandth, and the water temperature can be raised by 4-5 °C in 3 minutes.It can replace traditional vacuum coating and greatly reduce production costs.

3. In improving the service life of methanol fuel cells;

4. Application of high heat radiation rate coating:As a key material for high thermal emissivity coating materials used in high temperature, nano TiN powder has found that the thermal emissivity performance is greatly improved. This product is mainly used in energy saving and military work of high temperature furnaces.

5 Applications in other fields: in nanocomposite hard tools, hard alloys, high temperature ceramic conductive materials, heat resistant and wear resistant materials, dispersion strengthened materials, etc.