High purity ultrafine powder Price amorphous Boron powder

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Boron has several allotropes, and amorphous boron is also called element boron and monomer boron.

1. English name:Amporphous element Boron powder

1.Uses of Boron powder:mainly used in metallurgy, electronics, medicine, ceramics, nulear industry and chemical industry etc, it is used inthe form of compound or is added in some alloys as a addend. It can be used in smelting of some special alloy steels and as the gas remover for the melting steel, in the burn-entraining pole of burning-entraining tube in the electric industry,of boronic compounds. A lot of noble and rare metals can be substituted and saved by it. Boron and its compounds can bealso used as the catalyst for some organic chemical reactions, and so on.

2.Safety notes of Boron powder:the product is considered toxic by inhaling and eating, to inhale it will have an effect on the central nervoussystem, to eat it will lead to stimulation of stomach and intestines canal and boron poisoning, to contact with skin or eyes will lead to slight stimulation, should wear safety  protective glasses, dustproof gauze mask, rubber gloves during handling it

3. Storage of Boron powder:It should be kept in a shady, ventilating and dry storehouse. Its shelf life is one year. The product can be still used if up to standard through retest after the specified date.