Germanium dioxide

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Germanium dioxide, the molecular formula GeO 2, and the electronic formula is the same as carbon dioxide. Dry germanium oxide does not irritate the skin, but it does irritate the conjunctiva. It is white powder or colourless crystals. There are two kinds of hexagonal systems (low temperature stability) slightly soluble in water and insoluble cubic systems. The transition temperature is 1033 C. It is mainly used in the production of germanium metal, and also used in spectral analysis and semiconductor materials.Germanium dioxide

The preparation of high purity germanium dioxide in the laboratory is the preparation of germanium tetrachloride from germanium dioxide sold in the market, and then distillation, purification and hydrolysis of germanium tetrachloride.Germanium tetrachloride hydrolysis method adds 6.5 times volume of distilled water to germanium tetrachloride. After stirring, it is placed for one day and night to form germanium dioxide precipitation. It is washed with cold water until the lotion does not contain Cl-. Germanium dioxide was obtained by drying at 200 C.

Germanium dioxide is mainly used to produce germanium, in the electronic industry, and also as semiconductor materials. It is prepared by thermal oxidation of germanium or hydrolysis of germanium tetrachloride. It can be used as raw material for the preparation of metal germanium and other germanium compounds, as catalyst for the preparation of polyethylene terephthalate resin, as well as spectral analysis and semiconductor materials. Optical glass phosphor can be manufactured. It can be used as catalyst for conversion, dehydrogenation, adjustment of gasoline fraction, color film and polyester fiber production in petroleum refining.

Moreover, germanium dioxide is also a catalyst for polymerization. Glass containing germanium dioxide has high refractive index and dispersion properties. It can be used as wide-angle camera and microscope lens. With the development of technology, germanium dioxide is widely used to produce high-purity germanium, germanium compounds, chemical catalysts and pharmaceutical industry, PET resin, electronic devices, etc.