Cubic mesoporous carbon powder

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Since 1999  et al, Ordered mesoporous carbon materials were synthesized by template MCM-48 for the first time. Ordered mesoporous carbon materials with different structures and morphologies were synthesized successively, such as:Single crystal, spherical, rod, fibrous, thin film, etc.Cubic mesoporous carbon powder

Because of the high specific surface area of mesoporous carbon materials,With abundant mesoscopic structure and unique physicochemical properties, it has been used in adsorptive separation, catalyst support and medicine.The fields of transport and sustained release of substances show extremely important application value.

Subsequently, mixed carbon sources and block copolymers were used to self-assemble in order.Further research on mesoporous carbon materials provides a good reference. Mining Ordered mesoporous carbon polymers containing nitrogen were synthesized using UPF resin synthesized from phenol, formaldehyde and urea as carbon source and F127 as template.

At present, some researchers have used different templates or mixed templates to effectively adjust the hydrophilic/hydrophobic ratio of the system, so as to obtain mesoporous carbon materials with different structures. In addition, it has been reported that different structures can be synthesized by changing carbon sources or adding additives mesoporous carbon materials.