Colloidal solution silver nano powder

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nano silver powder 

Product name: nano silver

 Cas No.: 7440-22-4

 EINECS No.: 231-131-3

 Appearance: white

 Purity: 99.9%

Antibacterial nano silver powder 

1. It is used in various macromolecular materials with low additive amount but have high performance. Add 1.2‰~3‰, the antibacterial properties can be guaranteed.

2. The age of antibacterial  is long because of the special slow release technique, the antibacterial validity is equal to the product life.

3.  Excellent color stability to meet the product transparency requirements

4. Safe and reliable, no VOC release, no heavy metal, no irritation to skin mucosa.

Silver content of antimicrobial agent


Silica content


Water content


particle size (D50)


It can be used for plastic film, fresh box, electronic products, refrigerators, washing machines, toys, clothing, floor, paint and other products.