Arsenic copper alloy

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Arsenic-copper alloy is a brown-red ingot-like Babbitt alloy, a bearing material, and the only material suitable for low hardness shaft rotation. Compared with other alloys, it has better adaptability and indentation. Because of its good wear resistance, casting, rubbing-in and chemical stability, it is widely used in ship machinery, hydroelectric machinery, cement machinery, paper machinery and mineral industry. Equipment, compressor machinery, chemical machinery, petroleum machinery, steel machinery and other equipment bearing bush, bushing, bushing, etc.Arsenic-copper alloy is a brown-red ingot-like Babbitt alloy

Arsenic-copper alloys are mainly used as additives for copper alloys. When a small amount of arsenic (0.15-0.5%) is added into copper, the mechanical properties of the same alloy change little, but the thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity of copper are significantly reduced, and the processing plasticity of oxygen-containing copper is improved. Arsenic-copper is used for supporting screw rods in train combustion chambers and parts in high temperature reduction atmosphere, and also for low pressure water feeding in thermal power plants. Heat and fresh water condenser.