About Titanium nitride

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Titanium nitride is a new kind of multifunctional cermet material. It has high melting point, high hardness and low friction coefficient. It is a good conductor of heat and electricity.Titanium nitride is a new kind of multifunctional cermet material

Titanium nitride has a higher melting point than most transition metal nitrides, but a lower density than most metal nitrides because it is a distinctive refractory. Titanium nitride has high chemical stability. Generally, it has no effect on water, steam, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, etc., but it has a certain solubility in hydrofluoric acid.Firstly, titanium nitride is an excellent structural material for high strength cermet tools, jet thrusters and rockets.In addition, titanium nitride has a lower friction coefficient and can be used as high temperature lubricant. Titanium nitride alloys can be used as bearings and sealing rings to show excellent results. 

Titanium nitride has high conductivity, and can be used as electrodes for molten salt electrolysis, as well as point contacts, film resistors and other materials.Titanium nitride is an excellent superconducting material because of its high superconducting critical temperature. Particularly noticeable is that the titanium nitride coating and its sintered body have a satisfactory golden yellow color, can be used as gold substitute decorative materials, has a good imitation effect, decorative value, and has anti-corrosion, prolong the life of handicraft.

Titanium nitride coated glass is also a new "thermal mirror material". When the thickness of the film is greater than 90 nm, the infrared reflectivity is greater than 75%, which improves the thermal insulation of the glass. The color of titanium nitride film can also be adjusted at will. With the decrease of nitrogen content, the film will show golden, bronze, pink and other colors, which is very beautiful.